What we do in ABF Norden

ABF Norden (Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund – The Workers’ Educational Association) is a collaboration organisation that works to support its member organisations. The association also participates in both Nordic and international workers’ movements.

Through its operations, ABF Norden is to contribute to:

-Reinforcing and developing values of societal, popular educational (non-formal adult education) and cultural nature on the basis of solidarity and shared responsibility.

– Strengthening ties between the member organisations and, where appropriate, other sister- and partner organisations.

–  Assisting with the exchange of experience and information between member organisations and with other sister- and partner organisations.

– Contributing actively to highlighting issues and activities that underpin popular movements at Nordic level.

– Working to achieve shared objectives in the international arena.

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Basic skills are needed

The PIAAC survey measures the basic skills of adults in OECD countries. In this study, literacy, numeracy, and computer problem-solving were measured as basic skills. According to the study, increasing the basic adult education in each country would be very important. Indeed, members of ABF Norden have already taken up this challenge and are providing … Continue reading Basic skills are needed

ABF Norden meet in Helsinki

The ABF Norden board met up in Helsinki in late January 2019 to discuss shared objectives and plan activities for the future. The fourth year of  the Nordenskolan (run  by ABF Norden) were also visiting the finnish capital to take part in the SAMAK General meeting and learn more about the nordic model.  

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