ABF and democracy

ABF was founded out of the struggle for democracy and equality and the realization that the basis of that struggle is education and organization.
Today, ABF has activities in all of Sweden’s municipalities and reaches over a quarter of a million people through liberal, popular education based on the needs and challenges of the local community. Even more people are reached through ABF’s cultural programs such as lectures and concerts. ABF is also a resource in developing our member and partner organisations through education.
ABF is part of a mobilization which aims to give everyone the opportunity to grow as a individuals and to influence society – no matter where and when you were born or where in the country you live. The door to knowledge must never be closed. Lifelong learning is a prerequisite for defending and developing democracy.
”Gör din röst hörd!” (Make your voice heard!) is a multi-year investment to give people the knowledge and ability to take their place in society on their own terms. Part of the venture is the ”Hip-hop bus”, which gives young people the opportunity to write lyrics, produce beats and perform their songs through workshops and a mobile studio. It uses rap music to tell about everyday life and experiences of injustice in society, in the universal language of music. That makes hip-hop a powerful tool for making your voice heard.
The initiative ”Tillsammans mot ensamhet” (“Together against loneliness”) is part of a venture together with the pensioners’ organizations to seek and reach elderly who experience involuntary loneliness. Through study circles you get to meet people who have experienced involuntary loneliness, but you also get to be inspired by good examples of how to break it.

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