Climate- and coronacrisis; How can the Nordic Model meet these challenges? Time to apply for Nordenskolan 6!

Nordenskolan (The Nordic School) is a course about the possibilities and challenges of the Nordic model. It is a joint project for ABF Norden and the Nordic labour movements collaborational organisation SAMAK.

  • Read the invitation for Nordenskolan 6 (in swedish) here.
  • Read more about Nordenskolan 5 here.
  • Visit the Nordenskolan website here.
  • Let us know you are interested via the link here. (By June 5th at the latest.)
Working to complete the group assignment in Copenhagen.

” To have strong networks is one of the most important tools to have to be able to influence and affect society in the direction you want it to go. In the Nordic countries and in the workers’ movement we have a strong tradition of co-operation and this grows even stronger when we see what a difference we can make together in the world.

The Nordic School is a direct example of how we can build networks in practise – where driven individuals from the workers’ movement in the Nordic countries collectively educate themselves.

The Alumni Network ties the classes of The Nordic School together and gives added value both for new and old participants.

Emilia Työrä

Participant in the Nordic school in 2015, Chair of the Nordic School Alumni board and a member of parliament for the Social Democrats in Sweden. 

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