We don’t cancel our activities – we adapt and go digital!

The last couple of weeks has been very hectic for the people working in the ABF Norden national member organisations. The social distancing needed to control the Corona outbreak has resulted in the need to very quickly transform many activites in to digital form. The need and the right for every individual to learn and be inspired is constant and when the pre-requisites changes so does the study organisations! 

Here a some examples of the work that has been done so far:

In Sweden the ABF has set up the “Meeting emergency” help line where any NGO-organisation can get help to go digital with annual meetings, study circles or cultural events. A guide for Digital non-formal adult education with tips on pedagogics, digital tools aso. will help organisations and individuals through the process in detail.

In Finland TSL has transformed for instance their work with immigrant groups  to digital form and video conference is an important tool in this. TSL is also offering help to record and share videos as well as assisting in holding interactive webinars. A lot of focus is also on changing the courses held for their national member organisations in to  digital form.

In Denmark the AOF has offered online courses to those in the work force who has been laid off. It is a way of buildning competence and keeping active during this very uncertain period. Another innovation is “30 minutes of Folkbildning” where a guest holds a short lecture on a relevant and current subject live on Facebook.

In Norway the AOF transformed 150 courses to digital form in one week. A huge task that was made possible thanks to the AOF staff and the students themselves. AOF also encourages people to take this chance to build and strengthen their competence and offers a wide range of courses online for those interested.


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