Learning disabilities in the work place – how do we include everyone in the rapid change of work?

Due to the changing world of work, almost every work assignment and task requires the mastering of basic skills. In production of goods the process may change weekly according to customer sales orders. This requires amendments in working methods, devices, customer service etc.  Digitalisation, robotization, and the constant amendments in production require basic skills, constant learning and the adaptation of new skills every day.

Basic skills are the core in all learning. There is no longer a workplace or assignment where you could manage without reading an instruction or manual, writing a report or filling in a document, using digital technology and information. In the changing world of work we need to understand better how to make learning both efficient and desirable for everybody at work, also for those, who lack in basic skills and feel fear and shame in opening up about their learning disabilities. 

Työ sujuvaksi! was a finnish ESF project by TSL in cooperation with trade unions, work organisations and business managers, supervisors and employees’ representatives. The project for instance used web-based material and tried different assistive technologies to help the employees perform their tasks more proficiently. One sample is to make learning the tasks easier by creating interactive images, videos and 360° media with ThingLink.

Read the full article at the EPALE website. Do you want to know more about the project and its results? Contact the TSL project coordinator Mervi Ylitalo.

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