ABF Norden expands its international engagement

One of the goals of forming ABF Norden was to work towards achieving shared objectives in the international arena. We are proud to announce that as of June 26th 2019 ABF Norden is a new associate member of EAEAThe European Association for the Education of Adults. Our vice president Monica Widman Lundmark from Sweden was elected to serve on the board along with Gro Svennebye from Norway. Both of them representing the national umbrella organisation for the study associations of respective country.

ABF Norden has also been accepted as an associative member of IFWEA The International Federation of Workers’ Education Associations which broadens our international engagement to a global perspective.

The executive committee met up in Copenhagen to attend the EAEA general assembly and to discuss upcoming activities for ABF Norden.



ABF Norden meet in Helsinki

The ABF Norden board met up in Helsinki in late January 2019 to discuss shared objectives and plan activities for the future. The fourth year of  the Nordenskolan (run  by ABF Norden) were also visiting the finnish capital to take part in the SAMAK General meeting and learn more about the nordic model.

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From the top left: Mia Hanström ABF Åland, Mia Andersson Wikholm Secretariat of ABF Norden, Anne Devik ABF Norge, Ewa Lantz ABF Sverige, Katri Söder TSL Finland, Monica Widman Lundmark ABF Sverige, Eyrun Björk Valsdottir ASI Island. In front from the left: Niklas Skeppar ABF Sverige, Jouko Muuri TSL Finland.