The Nordic Folk School in Geneva


The Nordic Folk School in Geneva has been operated since 1931. It is an annual course for members of Nordic trade unions, with students from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The main purpose of the school is to work towards a better understanding of international co-operation, focusing on the work of the International Labour Organisation – ILO with particular interest in following up on the International Labour Conference – ILC in Geneva, Switzerland.

During the conference, the students follow the work of a conference representative in Workers’ Groups and choose different working committees in accordance to ILC agenda. At the conference, there are also lectures being held on the work of ILO as well as other international organizations within the UN as well as NGOs. The preparation of the school’s agenda during the stay in Geneva is worked in cooperation with ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities – ACTRAV.

Additional aims of the school are:

  • to increase the participants’ awareness of social, cultural, political and trade union conditions in different Nordic countries,
  • to give insights into the role of NGOs in the international system,
  • to spread awareness of the International Labour Conference among the North European popular movements.


The Nordic Folk School in Geneva is founded on the ideology of the Nordic “folkbildning” study associations in the form of courses, study circles and cultural activities. “Folkbildning” is a part of the liberal non-formal educational system.

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